21 October 2016

The Afro: Combing Afro Hair With Comfort

If I was given a coin for each time I’ve been asked this question, well I may class myself a coin collector. Understandably the thicker your Afro (mine is regarded as 4C), the more care you put into keeping it neat, and combing it properly becomes somewhat of a ritual.

Well, you asked how I comb my thick Afro hair, and I am here to share it all.

19 September 2016

The Seed Oil: Blackcurrant Seed Oil

You know how much I love natural oils for my hair and skin care, i'm currently obsessed with oils from the UK that can be commonly found yet are not widely used. I love Afro Hair and skin Co they use ingredients sourced from the British Isles. I love their Flow oil which contains Blackcurrant oil. Blackcurrant seed oil is a bit of a hidden treasure it helps to heal and regenerate the skin protecting the skin from free radicals [highly reactive eletrons ...yeah i still don't really get it but lets pretend....]
here are a few interesting benefits of Blackcurrant seed oil for the skin

The Interview: Ibi Founder of The Afro Hair & Skin Co

I caught up with the founder of The Afro Hair and Skin Co Ibi, she has created an amazing brand based in the UK, check out what she had to say below....

16 August 2016

The Cap: Bounce Essential Deep Conditioning Cap Review

As simple as I try to keep my regimen these days I'm pretty much using 2 products! I'm still a huge fan of deep conditioning, not only for the benefits but the ritual. It's definitely some of the only me time I get with the 3 year old around.

22 July 2016

The Launch: Simply Comfort Hair

As you may know, Simply Comfort, a natural hair care and service brand has launched in the United Kingdom.

Simply Comfort offers services such as Protective Styles (including cornrow and African hair threading), Hair Care & Product Consultations, Wash-Day Service and Learn to braid private workshops.

The founder, Comfort Nsek aims to re-introduce Afrocentric hairstyles and regimens derived from her roots in the coastal southern part of Nigeria. She shares some of her favourite styles with us today, a combination of cornrow and African hair threading.

6 July 2016

The Primer: Premae Harmony Serum Primer

I've found it! Optimus Prime-r, Harmony Serum Primer from Premae Skincare is hands down the best primer I've tried.

30 June 2016

The Head Wrap: DIY Hemmed Head Wrap + Pictorial How To

Hi dolls, so I'm finally doing a Head Wrap How To. There are a lot of lovely wraps available, however it is so simple to run some up yourself that look just as cute as the ones you can buy online or in store.

28 June 2016

The Workshop: The Wig Witch X Simply Gorgeous Salon

This Summer I'm partnering with family owned afro hair salon SIMPLYGorgeous to offer an exclusive series of workshops  as part of my new venture, The Wig Witch.

16 June 2016

The Good Hair Club: An Intro To Your New Favorite Online Store

You know I love me some good hair....by that I mean healthy hair! I caught up with Oyin Akiniyi founder of The Good Hair Club a new online store dedicated to natural hair products made here in the UK, this isn't yet another E-commerce store but a platform that looks to redefine hair for black women.


14 June 2016

The Thread: African Threading + Q&A with Comfort

I am back, but this time with a post that calls for a re-introduction haha. I will also be answering all your Fro questions from my Instagram (@oneplus.ig) and Snapchat (comfort_n) and check out my blog [https://onepluspage.wordpress.com/]

Growing up in the coastal southern part of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom state, I learnt how to embrace and style my Afro from my mother, aunts and my grandmother.

‘Threading’ or ‘African Threading’ was/is one of the most common hairstyles in my village/town, and it is styled in so many ways. Threading is a protective style, but most recently a heat-free alternative to stretching our Afro.

7 June 2016

The Traveling Natural: A Fro Abroad

How My Travelling began?
I was once an introvert, enduring the British weather and over-familiar with the route from school to home and to the shops. Then I finished law-school, got a job and a camera too!

Most people prefer to take a year off work (or studies) to travel, but I believe you don't have to compromise, as I do both. 

1 June 2016

The Interview: Freddie Harrel Talks Clip Ins, Fair Hair & Her Natural Hair Regimen

Happy Hump day loves! it's been a crazy few weeks but I had to make time to interview one of my favorite humans Mrs Freddie Harrel, stylist, blogger, confidence coach and now super dupa creator of fair hair brand Big Hair No Care! I managed to grab the Parisian beauty for a natter about her newest venture and you guessed it, her natural hair regimen

24 May 2016

The Over Night Cream: Lavera Re-energizing Sleeping Cream from Pravera.co.uk

Get an overnight energy boost with Lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream [£16.90], I've mentioned before about all the fab things our skin does during the night. Skin cells regenerate faster at night research has shown that our skin regeneration almost doubles between the hours of 11am-4pm. Skin cells do their repair work most effectively at night. So this is a great time to use our skincare products. The Lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream promotes natural cell regeneration and combats signs of fatigue meaning no more waking up looking tired and drawn.

The Wig Witch: Wig Making Service

If you have been following me on IG you will know of my love for wigs, I've been wearing them exclusively since my battle with hair loss almost 2 years ago and have become quite the pro [if I do say so myself] after much MUCH peer pressure I have caved and have have begun making wigs for others. The Wig Witch is a custom wig making service, built to offer you your perfect wig, whether you are a long time wearer of wigs or just want to change it up every now and then The Wig Witch got your back!

20 May 2016

The Crème De La Crème: Yako Beauty

It's definitely been a while since I've aired out my fro, alas my baby is still here and thriving, contrary to popular belief I don't wear wigs 24/7 and when I don't the humble tapered fro is my go to style. I've been trying out some styling cremes by Yako Beauty, I was sent Let’s Curl Up Defining Crème with Avocado Oil and Smoothing Oil-in-Crème with Macadamia Oil both products are for Curly hair types, Yako [meaning Yours or Belongs to You in Swahili] is a London based brand free from nasties such as Parabens and sulphates


use discount code: WIGWITCH